Hi Kath,

Both the kids thoroughly enjoyed their maths tuition on Thursday evening. Yay!!

They are already looking forward to this coming week's class. 


Hi Kath,

I just wanted to let you know Sophia is so excited about maths tutoring tomorrow! She said she has missed it and wishes she saw you every day.Thank you for the positive change I am already seeing in my girl.

Kind Regards, Rachel

"I feel smart every time I come here, because now I know what I'm doing". 

Sarah, year 12 student.

Hiya Kath,

Just wanted to let you know Callum got a Merit endorsement for maths, I think that's a great achievement for him - thanks for all your
teams help to help him get there!!!


Ella is consistently finishing work ahead of the other students in her maths class and feeling very happy with herself which is fantastic. Callum is quietly feeling happy he knows enough to pass, just needs to hone in on the harder questions I think.  And Jack is definitely more positive about maths and a better attitude all round.Thanks to you and Tom and Jack for all the efforts and neat attitude, I think it's rubbing off on the kids.

Natasha is so confident with Jack's tutoring. I'm very happy with her enthusiasm.

Ryan came home from tutoring last night and said to me “I just LOVE maths tutoring Mum, it’s the best ever, I love maths”!!  He’s so different to his brothers but maybe maths will be his thing too!

So thank you for such an awesome place to send him and a fantastic learning environment for him,  please can you pass on our thanks to his tutor.

Bryce's response to being asked by dad about his lesson "Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it, it was great fun"

Hi Kath,

Claire said she was nervous going (to Action Tutoring) when I left her this morning,  But, she was so happy this evening when I saw her, she is even practicing her times tables now without getting grumpy!